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A-Team Polished Concrete Disclaimer:

A-Team Flooring did not make your concrete slab and A-Team Flooring is not responsible for:


*Cracks in your concrete slab, whether they appeared in the past, appear in the present or if they appear in the future.


*Pitting or pinholes in your concrete slab.


*General contractors, builders, placers, project managers, diy'ers, homeowners or anyone involved in your project who can not or does not follow our directions.


*The color of your concrete slab - before, during or after the grinding/polishing of your concrete slab.


*The color matching of any patches in your concrete slab.


*The size of or color of the aggregates in your concrete slab or the height in which it is placed.


*Unevenness of the disbursement of the aggregates in your concrete slab.


*Footprints (human or animal), tire tread marks, pallet marks, block or brick imprints, leaves, acorns, sticks, cigarette butts, dead bugs, frogs, lizards or any other debris or damage embedded in your concrete slab.


*Waves, ripples, off-level pitch or unevenness of the surface of your concrete slab.


*Control, expansion or any other joints or scoring that has been cut into the surface of your concrete slab.


*Kitchen grease, transmission fluid, oils of any kind or any other contaminates of any kind in your concrete slab.


*Rust, urine, colorants, paint, plaster or any other stains in your concrete slab.


*Any areas where stain does not penetrate due to contaminates in your concrete slab.


*Delamination of any patches due to pre-existing bond breakers on your concrete slab.


*Any areas affected by efflorescence (salts in your concrete slab).


*Any areas where the finish is dull.


*Any areas that are too shallow to successfully fill or that can not be reached with a single plane concrete polisher designed to polish horizontal surfaces.


*Any trowel marks left in your slab by the original finishers of your concrete slab.


*Damage from nails, screws, tools or subsequent scratches caused by nails, screws or tools left on your concrete slab.


*Water damage of any kind to any structure or any contents of any structure or anywhere concrete grinding/polishing is being performed.


*Damage of any kind to baseboards, ¼ round trim, door jambs, drywall, plaster, cabinetry, doors (including sliding glass doors), carpet, wood floors, laminate floors, vinyl floors, plumbing, fixtures (including toilets, tubs and pedestal sinks), fuse boxes, electrical outlets or electrical wiring anywhere that concrete grinding/polishing is being performed.


*Damage to furniture, pictures, belongings of any kind or electronics of any kind left in any area where concrete grinding/polishing is being performed.


*Damage to your concrete slab from the removal of any floor covering, tack-strips, floor transitions or thresholds.


*Damage of any kind from the removal of any doors.


*Any chemical reactions of any kind in your concrete slab.


*Any personal injury to any unauthorized personnel, homeowners or pets that are present anywhere that concrete grinding/polishing is being performed.




If you decide to engage A-Team Flooring to grind, polish, densify, seal and burnish your existing concrete slab and A-Team Flooring performs this service for you, you will be fully responsible to pay 100% of the invoiced amount for this service, due at the point of the last pass of the final machine - whether you like the outcome of your existing concrete slab or not.

A-Team is only here to perform concrete grinding and polishing on an existing surface and can not be responsible for how each individual customer see's or values their floor after this procedure has been performed and completed.


You will be advised (throughout the process) as to any issues with your slab as those issues surface. You will be offered industry standard solutions at an additional rate/charge. If you agree to proceed with any additional processes, a “change order” will be issued and upon your approval, your project will move forward.


A-Team Flooring is not responsible for the results of any product usage.

If we suggest a product and you decide a product should be applied to your concrete slab, A-Team Flooring is not responsible for the results and you will be fully responsible to pay for the additional service, any materials, any additional products and any other related costs.


In the event that there is a complaint about a product or a product failure, you will be provided with the manufacturer's representative's contact info to file your claim.

A-Team does not have a chemical plant/factory and A-Team does not make chemicals.


Most of our polished concrete projects on existing concrete slabs turned out beautiful. However, A-Team Flooring makes absolutely no promise that your polished concrete slab will be in any way “perfect”. Grinding and polishing an existing/old slab never renders perfect results.

Still, most imperfections can be remediated - for additional costs.


A-Team Flooring also can not promise the best results with brand new slabs that are placed specifically for A-Team Flooring to polish, even if A-Team provides the specifications for the mix and the placement. A-Team Flooring has recently experienced a staggering increase in the number of General Contractors, concrete placers and property owners who fail miserably to follow our instructions. Any failures to follow A-Team's instructions as to concrete mixes, placement, finishing and trade-stacking will most likely result in your dissatisfaction with your final product.


If you're looking for “polished concrete with the least amount imperfections”, it can only be done with a concrete over-lay that A-Team Flooring mixes, installs on top of your existing old, damaged or ugly slab and then, A-Team polishes it.

A-Team Flooring advises every polished concrete customer that with polished concrete, near perfection can only be achieved if A-Team mixed the concrete, A-Team placed the concrete and A-Team polished the concrete. Grinding and polishing your existing slab may make it look brand new again or it might not.


Your existing slab (if that is what you choose to have us work with), even highly polished - is still going to be your existing slab and may have imperfections.


If you tell A-Team in the beginning of your project "I'm ok with imperfections in my polished concrete floor", there will be those same imperfections when your project is completed.


If you tell A-Team that you don't want to see any imperfections in your concrete floor and you decide that you want an architectural overlay, your estimated costs could easily be more than double the original quote.


Please, order your floor carefully.





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