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A-Team is your local Schluter Installations Specialists

This Schluter Shower Systems shower features:
A roll-in style (no curb) single plain slope, set to a virtually undetectable 2% slope that very subtly directs water to the brushed stainless steel linear drain with matching stainless steel "sloping profiles" at the perimeter of the shower base. We achieved this by removing a substantial amount of concrete and then re-enforcing and rebuilding the slab. All horizontal surfaces; the top of the bench, the bottom shelf of every nice, the window sill and the floor are all tilted exactly 2% to direct all water to the Schluter Line Drain. Every square inch of every surface dries effectively using gravity.
Brushed nickle Schluter Jolly at the transition point to the shower floor.
Bright white movement joints (to match the grout) at the bottom of the shower walls.
2 Schluter waterproof shower benches trimmed with bright white Schluter Rondec.
2 Schluter waterproof "his and hers" double shampoo niches trimmed with chair rail and herringbone mosaic inserts that match the shower floor.
Bright white Schluter Jolly at the tile edge on the window wall.
Kerdi Board and Ditra XL bonded vertical and horizontal waterproof substrates.
6 inches of Kerdi Board (instead of drywall) at entire perimeter of the bathroom. This shower provides a waterproof floor drain for the entire home, if needed. A smart feature anywhere in Florida.
Design by Kerry Spears Interiors. Accents by Schluter. Waterproofing, shower build, concrete shaping and tile executed by A-Team.

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