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Lets start with "typical" sub-floor repairs:

Sub-floors go bad over time from prolonged exposure to humidity. Increasingly low standards for building materials (i.e. OSB and accoustical concrete) lay the groundwork for water damage problems. The kitchen and bath areas are always the most affected areas.


A-Team at the Polos:

This next job is a big one; 1,600 square feet and a difficult layout with "Unfavorable Conditions". This example will chronicle just how long it really takes to level a very large and complex layout - seamlessly.

A-Team at Bivens North

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3: (rains on this day and the temp drops to below 40 later that night with no electricity in the unit, already a day over an insane deadline)

Day 4: (18 hours later and still not dry; supposed to dry in 4-12 at a 1/2 inch)

Day 5: (had to give the floor to the painters)

Day 6: (needs more leveler, still a lot of work to do here)

Still needs more work

Day 7: Chipping, grinding and floating

A lot of grinding and floating but the floor still needs more leveler. Looked good with a laser but a straight edge is more accurate when it really counts.

Day 8: Atlantic Design brings in more mud and we begin aggressively chipping and grinding and filling other problem areas and then finally resurfacing the leveler

 Tomorrow there will be more leveling in a couple of problem areas and then I'm certain that this floor will be perfect.

Day 9: (filling the last of any low spots and grinding to feather)

Filling a couple more low spots


Grinding to feather and smooth


Day 10: Today was a final overall grinding, then skimcoating and scraping and now this floor is virtually perfect.

We switched from self leveler and the grinder to patch compound and razor scrapers for the skimcoating. Skimcoating and razor scraping levels any minor blemishes in the leveler:

Now the installer can lay the wood flooring.  This particular wood flooring can't be installed until the floor is leveled to 1/8 of an inch variance, we leveled to 1/16 of an inch.


With proper environmental conditions, a reasonable budget, no "trade stacking" and most importantly- proper communication between the flooring installer and the floor prep crew- you can shave 5-6 days off of a job this size. Typically, the installer does the floor prep for an installation. But, it's easy to see why most flooring installers would be intimidated by a job this size and a layout this complex, 20 years ago I would have been too!

So, done correctly and coordinated by one qualified individual, A-Team can level a job like this perfectly in 5 days.


                                         Mack @ A-Team

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