A-Team Flooring, Cabinetry and Carpentry LLC VM 352-474-9604 Email macksfloors@yahoo.com Serving The Gainesville Fl Area - Exclusively See our work on Facebook!
A-Team Flooring, Cabinetry and Carpentry LLCVM 352-474-9604Email macksfloors@yahoo.comServing The Gainesville Fl Area - ExclusivelySee our work on Facebook!   

Welcome to A-Team's Polished Concrete Portfolio!

   We use this site to give you an opportunity to see our work and what you can expect with the different types of concrete, stains and finally, concrete grinding and polishing. Our pricing is clearly listed, giving you the ability to develop a "ballpark figure" for your residential polished concrete project - simply click on the yellow button above. With over 35 years combined experience in concrete, leveling and flooring solutions, we serve the Gainesville area - Exclusively.

Our grind/polish process is unique and completely dustless. 

We cater to the architect, high-end builder and the homeowner that values quality and craftsmanship above all else.  


Extensive Planetary Concrete Grinding, Stained, Polished to 2,000 Grit and Lithium Sealed:

A-Team at Jonesville  Florida for Quality Line Homes

Looking for something artistic? Our concrete artists can carve and stain any design you can imagine!

A-Team at Newberry Fl for Quality Line Homes

Here's what you can expect from a very old, very damaged slab (or similar; every older slab is different and reveals its character only after repairing and grinding):

Concrete Repairs, Planetary Concrete Grinding, Concrete Carving, Contrast Staining, Polished to 1,000 Grit and Lithium Sealed:

A-Team at the University of Florida:

Our artists do amazing work, there is no doubt. This pattern however, occured naturally in this very old, very damaged slab. After all of the repairs and all of the grinding, this is what emerged- and it is truly engaging and beautiful. Only time can render such a fascinating pattern. All we did was grind this slab, stain it and polish it; the design is complements of "the age of the slab". You can not buy this at any flooring distributor.

Fibermesh Concrete Polished To 2,000 and Lithium Sealed:

A-Team at NW Gainesville For Atlantic Design and Construction

Here's what you can expect from a new slab. Polished to 1,000 Grit and Lithium Sealed:

Gainesvilles Historic Distict (Duck Pond) for Atlantic Design and Construction:

Polished concrete floors are healthier than floor coverings!

You can see yourself in our polished concrete!

Polished concrete floors are cheaper than most floor coverings!

Concrete Grind To 1/4" (To Remove Grid Pattern From Ceramic Tile), Extensive Concrete Repairs, Acetone Stained With Spanish Dagger, Double Densified, Polished To 1,000 and Lithium Sealed:

A-Team at Hoggetowne Creek For A-Team Restoration Project

Here's what you can expect from fiber-mesh concrete. Polished to 2,000 Grit and Lithium Sealed:


A-Team polished concrete for Atlantic Design and Construction; the Morrisrow Project, Gainesville Fl:

Commercial and Residential!

Kanapaha Interior Stained Concrete; for Quality Line Homes, Gainesville Fl:

Custom Designs In Any Color!

And Any Design

A-Team can repair stained and polished concrete with any design. This is a repair made necessary by a cabinetry upgrade; changing the footprint of the island and leaving an unfinished area of the floor exposed. Custom color mixing, on site by A-Team's concrete artist:

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