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A-Team Flooring, Cabinetry and Carpentry LLCEmail: Mack@A-Team-Flooring.comServing The Gainesville Fl Area - ExclusivelySee our work on Facebook!   

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit".   -- Aristotle

    By all means, please look at the "competition" first - I did. In fact, I know all of them and they all know who I am. You should probably ask yourself why they don't show you any before or after pics. Instead, just pics of a random piece of carpet. These are not serious professionals. I can say that because I've been doing this for over 30 years and know what it means to have pride in my work. I'm not just some new guy at some faceless cleaning company and it shows in every job I do. I don't go to classes for this, I teach the classes. But, I don't have time to do every carpet repair in Alachua County - So, email me only if what you need is perfection and you prefer to deal with an accountable/responsible adult with actual skills and a viable portfolio.

Remember folks:  "Pics or it didn't happen". 

--Mack @ A-Team


For carpet repairs:

If the "area of repair" is in a "high traffic" area and the "donor material" isn't from a high traffic area, the repair may be somewhat visible (typically shows up as a "clean spot"). The visibility of the repair tends to lessen over time (with traffic) or with a subsequent steam cleaning. The area to be repaired must also be completely dry at the time of the repair, including pet urine and cleansers or the repair can't be executed or warranteed. Steam cleaning or shampooing should be scheduled for well after the repair has been concluded. Flea or any other infestations must be remmediated before scheduling the repair.


For power stretching:

We do not handle electronics (of any kind) or anything even remotely fragile. We are not responsible for disconnecting/reconnecting TV's, WiFi, sound systems, baby monitors, security systems, satellite systems, etc.. We will only handle your furniture if it is structurally sound and free of any small parts - at an additional charge. Wet/damp carpet can't be stretched or warranteed.

Here's a short introduction to A-Team's Floor Mechanic, his experience and his qualifications:

Mack @ A-Team




(1) With over 30 years of quality experience our Floor Mechanic has worked extensively for:


Lowes Home Improvement_-  Flooring Installer/Sub-Contractor

The Home Depot - Flooring Installer/Sub-Contractor

Goldstar Flooring - Flooring Installer/Sub-Contractor

The Floor Store of Thornebrooke - Flooring Installer/Carpenter/Sub-Contractor

Floors 4 Less - Flooring Installer/Carpenter/Sub-Contractor

Contract Flooring Solution - Flooring Installer/Carpenter/Sub-Contractor

Gainesville Realty Management Company - Floor  Mechanic/Carpenter

The Collier Companies - Floor Mechanic/Carpenter

Westdale Properties - Floor Mechanic/Carpenter

Action Realty - Floor Mechanic

M M Parrish Realty - Floor Mechanic

The Best Restoration - Floor Mechanic

Service Master - Floor Mechanic

Creative Carpet Repair - Floor Mechanic

Atlantic Design and Construction - Floor Mechanic

Sigma Chi Fraternity - Floor Mechanic

RLH Construction - Schluter Waterproofing Installer/ Tile Setter/ Floor Mechanic

  ...and countless homeowners and renters throughout Marion, Alachua, Orange, Seminole, Levy and Citrus Counties.


(2) Certified in Carpet Repair and Installation - IICRC and Schluter Innovation Workshops


(3) Up-to-date training in industry standards, tools and procedures:                                                                                                                                                          Schluter, Pam-Tite Fastening Systems, Kool-Glide


(4) Offers a lifetime guarantee on all residential carpet repairs.


(5) Insured locally through King Insurance.


(6) Work Comp satisfied.


You can see carpet repair pics by Mack on A-Team's Pet Damage repair page.





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