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A-Team Flooring, Cabinetry and Carpentry LLCEmail us at: Mack@A-Team-Flooring.comText us at: 352-474-9604Serving The Gainesville Fl Area - ExclusivelySee our work on Facebook!   

Carpet installations:

A-Team at UF:

Adhesive removal before the installation of carpet tiles is a must in order to meet warranty requirements by both the manufacturer and A-Team. Dust control features on all of our equipment elimnates airborn adhesive particles during the adhesive removal process.



Furniture is moved in a "migratory fashion" throughout each process. Office furniture is typically too large to completely remove from the area of installation and storage is usually an issue. Careful execution of each process prevents contamination of the furniture by airborn adhesive particles.

High powered large capacity canister vacs with HEPA rated double filtration are used to further contain particles during the substrate cleaning process. Safer for you, safer for A-Team.



Here's what you can expect:

Step 1: Remove old carpet.



Step 2: Remove old adhesive.



Step 3: Install carpet tiles and cove base.



Carefully selected cove base can be installed stunningly to contour curves and outside corners.



Inside corners can be installed with crisp corner joints and a mitered look.



Take note of the pattern in which these tiles are set; one of 4 patterns suggested by the manufacturer. Instead of a "usual" (boring) pattern, they are set in a staggered format with the directional  1/4 turned on each tile, on each row.



The final step:

Our before pics give us a blueprint of the original layout and the furniture is placed back exactly where it was. Congratulations- you're back to work!

    Carpet tiles can be transitioned nicely to any other flooring, Stained and polished concrete makes a paricularly attractive transition to these tiles. The concrete was stained with regard to the color of the carpet, then polished.

     There are many different types of "binder" metals that are used to protect the edges of the carpet tiles at every entry. This not only provides a clean transition visually, it also elimnates trip hazards (when installed properly).

Custom Contouring

This not a church; it is a secret chapter room, under ground, somewhere on UF campus.

A-Team at the University of Florida:

A-Team can contour any surface. Our floor mechanic learned from the Master- David DeHart!

A-Team Power Stretchers on every job insures the installation against wrinkling and rounding at the edges. We use state of the art carpet stretching tools and techniques for a perfect installation every time and all of our vacs are hepa equipped.

   We use a low VOC cinnamon scented thermal carpet seaming tape to virtually eliminate the odors associated with carpet seaming and reduce harmful vapors for the home owner- and the installer.

   We vacuum the surface after removing the old carpet and pad and then again after every installation- no sweeping. This insures the least amount of airborne dust particles; the objective being to trap the dust in the hepa rated filters. Removing old carpet is a dirty job. Powerful vacs and hepa rated filters make it almost dust-free.

Outdoor carpet:

Towne Suites by Marriott (commercial flooring by A-Team):

The Pavillion at 62nd Street:                                   (Rubber Gym Flooring)

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