A-Team Flooring, Cabinetry and Carpentry LLC Email us at Mack@A-Team-Flooring.com Book an appt. on FB @ateammultitrade Text us at 352-474-9604 or Fill out the contact form at the bottom We serve the Gainesville Fl area - Exclusively
A-Team Flooring, Cabinetry and Carpentry LLCEmail us at Mack@A-Team-Flooring.comBook an appt. on FB @ateammultitradeText us at 352-474-9604orFill out the contact form at the bottomWe serve the Gainesville Fl area - Exclusively  

Who we are:

We are master level trades people, highly skilled and cross trained in all phases of construction; carpentry, masonry, flooring, tile setting, classic restoration, metal works, waterproofing, lite electric/plumbing and more.

We are artists, crafts people, decorators and designers.

We are project managers (with actual working knowledge), masters of procurement, R & D specialists, risk assessors and acutely accurate estimators.

We are industry educated - we are experience.

   Long ago, we worked for various construction firms, flooring retailers, remodeling/restoration companies, all of the "big names". Many companies have made millions of dollars off of our work without ever touching a jobsite.

   Over time, we've seen the construction industry's standards plummet. We also took notice of an increase in the number of "handyman" type services. Homeowners and small businesses embraced the idea of using the cheaper vendors that were popping up everywhere, not realizing that the neighborhood "handyman" is typically eager to take on challenges that they are not qualified to execute.

   In many cases, the average homeowner or small business owner doesn't want to involve a GC, designer and installer for a quality bathroom remodel, or flooring project. They would almost rather do it their self than pay the extra 20-40%. Most of our bookings result from some other tradespersons poor workmanship or bad DIY advise.

   But, how do you insure that you get the highest quality skilled trades people and not just another "handyman"? How do you deal directly with professional installers, cabinet makers, flooring experts, master carpenters, etc. - especially, when you already have a particular design in mind? That's our niche. We are professional tradespeople that have the experience, ability and confidence to deal directly with the client - in any capacity.


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