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Labor Pricing, Terms and Conditions:                                            

                                                  Welcome to A-Team's Labor Pricing page.

      This page will give you most of the information you will need to develope a free estimate. This service will save us both a lot of time and money and all that you will need (besides this information) is a measuring devise and basic math skills. Prices are listed below so that you may shop our services and develope your very own "ball park" figures.

     Although carpet repairs are typically quoted verbally over the phone for free (if we are provided pics via text or email) for all other jobs we charge $35, up front; for measuring, initial design consulting and a detailed electronic estimate on A-Team letterhead (hard copy available upon request). This initial fee is then subtracted from the final bill for the job.

     The average time spent on meeting a potential client, measuring, consulting and creating an A-Team estimate (accurate within 15%) is 2 hours. So, even if you decide not to use our company you can be sure that you will have received more than your moneys worth of time spent visualizing your project by our professionals.

Carpet repairs are typically quoted over the phone for free if we are provided pics via text or email.

We have a $75 minimum for service calls, a $125 minimum for carpet repairs and a $350 minimum for leveling/mud-jacking, concrete polishing or grinding, concrete carving/imaging, artwork and tile setting. We have a $500 minimum for cabinetry and crown molding.

Pricing for all repairs is subjective and is typically based on "degree of difficulty".

Pricing for repeat customers and commercial jobs are not listed on this site. For "Repeat Customer" and "Commercial Job" pricing call 352-474-9604 or email to macksfloors@yahoo.com.


    All pricing on installations (particularly flooring installations) is exclusive to basic installations only. A "Basic Installation" does not include:

       sub-floor repairs, take-up of previous flooring, haul-off of previous flooring, grinding, leveling, adhesive removal, skimcoating, patching, trim work, painting, acquisition & acclamation, stairs, contouring, carpentry, the moving of any furniture, the sealing of any sub-straits, the application of any secondary water or odor barriors, the handling of any contaminated materials, the "stacking" of trades or any other guidelines falling under the category of "Unfavorable Conditions".

       We do all of these things- they just cost a little more time and money.


Here's the labor cost of concrete services:

Polished concrete per square foot starts at =  $3.00


Stained concrete per square foot = $1.00    (.50 ea additional color)


Adhesive/mortar residue removal per square foot =  $2.00


Concrete resurfacing per square foot =  $2.00    ($350.00 minimum)


Concrete grinding as prep for polished concrete per square foot, per level of grind (1/8th of an inch) =  $2.00   ($350.00 minimum)


Leveling/Mud-Jacking per square foot = $2.00    ($350.00 minimum)


Concrete removal as prep for leveling per 12''x12''x1/2'' = $10.00    ($75.00 minimum)


Skim-coating per square foot = $1.00


Imaging, concrete carving and other artists renderings

priced by "degree of difficulty".


Wood Floor Refinishing:

Wood floor sanding and refinishing per square foot

(includes 3 coats of sealer) =  $5.00


Stairs per step =  $10.00


Wood floor repair pricing is based on "degree of difficulty" and is subject to minimum charge.


All of our sanders are equipped with dust control.


Edges, corners and minor repair included.



Here's the labor cost to have it installed, starting with the flooring:

Carpet per square yard (glue down)=   $4.50

Carpet per square yard (stretch in)=  $4.50

Carpet, stairs per step (waterfall)=   $6.00

Carpet, stairs per step (contoured)=   $8.00

Sheet vinyl per square foot=  $1.50

Sheet vinyl per square foot (loose-lay or perimeter glue)=  $1.25

VCT/LVT per square foot=   $1.50

Vinyl plank per square foot=   $1.50

Laminate per square foot (floating)=  $2.25

Hard wood flooring per square foot (glue down)=    $3.50

Hard wood flooring per square foot (floating, glued at tongue)=  $3.00

Floor tile per square foot (ceramic, porcelain)=   $4.00

Travertine per sq ft (over Schluter Ditra Uncoupling Membrane)= $5.00

Transitions per linear foot=   $5.00

Marble thresholds per linear foot=    $5.00

Plywood overlay per square foot=  $1.00

Durock overlay per square foot=   $2.00

Sub-floor demolition and rebuild per square foot=   $20.00

1/4 round or shoe mold per linear foot (coped inside corners, mitered seams and materials) =    $2.25

Baseboards per linear foot (coped inside corners, mitered seams and materials)=   $4.50





Here's the labor costs of addititional services typically related to the installation of new flooring:

Take up & haul off old carpet per square yard=   $1.00

Take up & haul off carpet with heavy pet urine or fecal contamination per square yard=  $10.00

Take up glue down carpet and haul off per square foot=  $1.00

Take up glue down vinyl per square foot=   $1.00

Take up glue down wood floor per square foot=    $2.00

Take up ceramic/porcelain/stone/slate floor tiles and mortar per square foot=   $2.50 (does not include haul off and dump fee's)

Take up & haul off floating floor per square foot=   $0.50

Take up & haul off 1/4 round, shoe mold or baseboards per linear foot=   $0.50

Move non-gas appliances per appliance=    $20.00 

Ice maker (additional)=    $10.00

Move empty furniture only per piece=   $10.00

Remove and reinstall toilets per toilet=  $90.00




Here's the labor cost of wall tile and other bath and shower accessories:

Large format tiles, stone and glass tiles per square foot = $8.00

Vertical Herringbone per square foot = $12.00

Mosaic tiles per sq ft= $10.00

Backsplashes per sq ft= $10.00

Tile inserts per sq ft= $25.00

Tile trim per linear ft= $5.00

Towel bar/soap dish per each=   $25.00

Durock per square foot=   $2.00

Shampoo boxes per each=   $75.00

Bench per each= $75.00

Build shower per sq ft= $10.00

Shower pan, curb and integrated drain (Schluter Shower System only) per 33''x33'' or 48''x48'' shower kit= $500.00

Subsequent plumbing= approx $100

Waterproofing (Schluter Kerdi Integrated Membrane, Ditra uncoupling membrane) per square foot= $1.50

Integrated drains (Schluter Integrated Drains only) per each= $100.00

Integrated metal extrusions (Schluter only) per linear foot= $8.00 / stainless steel= $10.00

Schluter Kerdi Board per sq ft= $1.50


Sheetrock and plaster repairs:

Sheetrock per square foot (walls)=   $1.50

Sheetrock per square foot (cielings)=   $2.50

Plaster per square foot (walls)=   $3.00

Plaster per square foot (ceilings)=   $4.00

Tear out Sheetrock per square foot (walls)=   $.50

Tear out Sheetrock per square foot (ceilings)=   $1.00

Tear out Lathe and Plaster per square foot=   $3.00



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